A training handbook for the EmpoweringYou platform

The International Conference of the EmpoweringYou Project on the 7th of February was successfully organised by KMOP-Social Action and Innovation Centre. This conference focused on alternative ways of combatting the low civic and political engagement of young people.

This low participation will be addressed by the new innovative gamified platform of the EmpoweringYou project, which was presented during the conference. Specifically, this platform offers basic education and training on democratic principles and imaginative activities, aiming to engage young EU citizens in discussions about democracy, access to rights and active participation. It includes 3 blocks with 6 missions: Social Issues (Migration, Disabilities), Civic Participation (Volunteering, Youth Voting) and the Environment (Waste Management, Climate Change) and aims to develop the life skills necessary for civic engagement. Additionally, the gamified platform was also developed in a mobile application for Android devices.

This innovative platform is based on the low civic and political participation of young people across the EU. Specifically, in the last European elections of 2014 the greatest abstainers were young people aged 18-24, of whom 72,2% did not vote. Furthermore, there is a strong correlation between active citizenship and youth employment. The youth unemployment rates are alarming high, i.e. in Greece it is more than 38%, in Spain 32%; these percentages increase the risk of poverty and lead to the social marginalisation of the young. Youth who are at risk of poverty lack elementary knowledge on basic areas, such as democratic values, civic participation and human rights. EmpoweringYou aims to address this through the platform and mobile app.

EmpoweringYou is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. Its main goals are to enhance the basic and transferable skills of young Europeans, promoting and empowering skills-based civic participation and governance and simultaneously offering new digital solutions and innovative integrated pedagogies to encourage participation in civic life.

EmpoweringYou is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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